In the event of a premature departure we will charge for the full original booking.

Cancellation 0-28 days before date of arrival, or no show - Visitors deposit is non-refundable.

Cancellation 29+ days before arrival visitor forfeits 50% of their deposit paid or 25% of full quote value, whichever is greater. 


All persons (hereinafter referred to as Guests) entering Bernally's Fishing Lodge (hereinafter referred to as The Lodge) shall agree to the following :


Guests shall indemnify Bernally's Fishing Lodge, staff, land owners and lodge owners on whose land Guests camp, fish, ride, swim, canoe, caravan, overnight or any other activity against any losses, injuries, fatalities, death or damage whatsoever to Guests or Guest's property whilst at The Lodge, regardless of the cause.


All fishing is strictly catch and release. No keep nets allowed and all fish will be handled in a proper manner to ensure their survival. Catch take the pic, weigh if you have a decent scale and release please. By order managment.


Guests agree to respect the local flora and fauna and undertake to leave The Lodge in a clean and tidy state and to dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly fashion in the bins provided.


Guests agree to keep noise levels to a minimum in respect of other guests of The Lodge and the environment.


Guests shall make fires only in pre-designated areas and shall not leave fires unattended at any time for any reason whatsoever.

All visiting pets are to be fully socialised, sterilised and have vaccinations up to date. 




This indemnity and terms and conditions are subject to change at The Lodge's discretion.



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